Project Description

Teeth Whitening – ZOOM!®

It’s tough to maintain a sparkling white smile when the yellowing, staining, and discoloration of teeth over time is so likely. You know that bright, white teeth make a huge difference in your overall appearance, but without help from your dentist, even well maintained teeth can start to lose their luster. We make achieving a movie star smile easier for our patients by providing them with amazing ZOOM!®  Teeth Whitening.


If you are interested in brightening your teeth, set up an appointment with your cosmetic dentist. You will consult with him about your current smile shade and your desired results. Your dentist will determine your level of oral health and if ZOOM!® Teeth Whitening is suitable for you. Together, you will create a treatment plan to get you to your ideal smile.

When you revisit the office for your whitening procedure, you will probably first receive a regular teeth cleaning. Once your teeth are clean, your gums will be covered to prevent sensitivity and keep you comfortable throughout the process. Your dentist will apply the ZOOM!® hydrogen peroxide gel and use a special light to activate the whitening agents in the gel. During the process, you can sit back and relax. You can even watch TV or listen to music. After three 15-minute sessions, your appointment will be complete, and your results will be radiant.


The individuals behind ZOOM!® Teeth Whitening want to give you a brilliantly white smile so that you can be more confident than ever. Their hydrogen peroxide formula is strong so that you can see impressive results in only one appointment. It is also perfectly safe when in the hands of your dentist. Advantages of ZOOM!® Teeth Whitening include:

  • The most popular and trusted teeth whitening procedure used by dentists today
  • #1 most requested teeth whitening procedure by patients
  • A harmless way to remove any staining from the teeth
  • There are no known side effects besides slight sensitivity
  • You can see amazing results within just an hour
  • You can love your smile more than ever