Project Description


Today, there’s not just one way to get your full, beautiful smile back. But, those who are missing teeth know that getting their teeth replaced is important to their health and their quality of life. Because you should know about all of the options that you have to create the smile and the life that you want. We believe that you deserve to have control over what your smile looks like and how it works. As a result, we provide our patients with several options for tooth replacement, including temporary and permanent dentures.


Traditional dentures are removable appliances that have been used successfully for many years to restore beautiful smiles. Also, they are a great option when you have lost all of your natural teeth due to tooth decay, physical trauma, gum disease, or any other issue. These are formed by a pink plastic seal that represents the gums and bright white porcelain or plastic replacement teeth. Your set will be created specifically for you. They can be placed in your mouth after all of your teeth have fallen out or have been removed and the tissues have healed. They will make your life easier by promoting regular speaking patterns and chewing habits.


If you want your replacement teeth to stay in your mouth like natural teeth do, permanent dentures might be the right option for you. Because Permanent dentures are attached to the mouth with dental implants. Dental implants work like tooth roots. Your dentist will place the dental implants surgically into your jawbone and then give you some time to heal. But, at your next appointment, your dentist will restore the implants with your replacement teeth. Permanent dentures will not slide around in the mouth–they function like natural teeth. In conclusion, there are both removable and permanent options for this type of denture.