Discoloration and yellowing of your teeth are completely normal. Most people experience
these for a variety of reasons: diet, genetics, tobacco use, and even aging. Even if you do
your very best to take care of your teeth, some of these factors are out of your control. It is
important to know your options when it comes to smile restoration services. At CR Smiles
Dental Center, we offer the latest technology in teeth whitening services to reverse yellowing
and discoloration.

Here are two effective ways to address yellow stains on your teeth:
1. Professional Teeth Whitening
Professional-grade teeth whitening treatments can provide quick and effective results
to restore and brighten your smile. This in-office treatment involves the application of
powerful whitening agents to fight stains and penetrate deep into your enamel for
long-lasting results. At CR Smiles Dental Center, we have the resources to bring
teeth several shades lighter, all while keeping your smile safe and avoiding
sensitivity. We also offer take-home kits, which are safe and effective for our patients
to use on their own time to upkeep their smile.
2. Porcelain Veneers
For some patients, professional whitening or take-home kits might not be enough. If
you have severe discoloration, you might be a good candidate for porcelain veneers.
Porcelain veneers are custom-designed dental restorations that are placed right over
the front and sides of your affected teeth. They are made to look and feel exactly like
your natural teeth, and will ultimately mask any unwanted stains.
Both whitening services and porcelain veneers are great options if you are looking to restore
your smile or remove any unwanted stains. If you are unsure of what might be best for your
smile, give our office a call at (623) 362-8200 and we can discuss the best treatment option
for you. At CR Smiles Dental Center, your smile is our priority. Call us today.