Cracked teeth not only cause cosmetic issues, but they can cause pain and be costly to

Here are some easy-to-follow tips to keep your teeth whole and strong:

● Avoid chewing on hard things

Steer clear of hard objects such as hard candies, ice, hard nuts, and popcorn if you suffer from cracked teeth.

● Avoid pitted fruits

Peaches and apricots may look soft on the outside, but bite too hard into the pit, and you may damage a tooth.

● Protect your teeth

It is important to care for your teeth if you are involved in any physical activity in which your mouth can be struck. If you enjoy these types of activities, wearing a well-fitting mouth protector can prevent broken and cracked teeth.

● Don’t use your teeth as a tool

Will that package just not open? Do yourself a favor and locate the nearest scissors instead of using your pearly whites. Use a nutcracker for nuts, cut off the price tag with a scissors, and avoid yourself a costly dental crown.

● Avoid grinding your teeth

Not only does grinding your teeth wear them down over time, it can cause cracked teeth. We can help you if you suspect or know that you are a tooth grinder.

● Get regular dental check-ups and cleaning

At dental check ups, you can be alerted of any conditions that might make you more susceptible to broken or cracked teeth. You can also be made aware of small cracks you may have that can be repaired before any major damage occurs.

At CR Smiles Dental Center, we can help you repair any cracked or chipped teeth. We want you to enjoy your smile for many years to come.